Take Control of your own Blood Pressure!


Poorly controlled Blood Pressure makes you far more likely to develop strokes, heart failure and other horrors that afflict our arteries; controlling blood pressure well can reduce these risks enormously!

It has recently become clear that Blood Pressure readings done at home by patients is a far better guide to treatment than readings done by the doctor or nurse at the surgery:

1. 80% of patients attending the surgery have Blood Pressures higher than at home, and such ‘artificially’ raised Blood Pressures often lead to over-treatment.

  1. When the blood pressure is raised at home (and occasionally the pressure is higher at home than in the doctor’s surgery), these readings really do need treatment.

What sort of Blood Pressure Machine (sphygmomanometer) should I buy?

Several sphygmomanometers have been evaluated by the British Hypertension Society (for complete list cf http:www.hyp.ac.uk/bhs/bp_monitors/automatic.htm)

We have had very good experience with the Omron range and can heartily recommend these machines from personal experience:

  1. Omron M5-I (approx. £68-89)
  2. Omron 705IT (approx. £108 – 115)
  3. Omron MIT BHS Grade: A/A (approx. £55)

For further information contact: Omron Healthcare UK Ltd at 0870 7502771

To order a machine tel: (White Medical) 01788 553904 and mention that we have advised you to buy there (discount!)

Or Tel 01782 393127 for a price check at our local chemist

If you like internet shopping then : moretonmedical.co.uk is best

If you find any better suppliers, please, please let us know and we’ll pass on the good news! (Recent bargain on e-bay)

NB: When ordering ask for both a normal and a wide cuff – especially if you have a fat arm!

Remember when recording your Blood pressure:

  1. Sit down comfortably with the green mark on the inside of your upper arm.
  2. Your arm should be roughly at the same level as your heart.
  3. Take several readings at one "sitting"; you will find that the first ones are higher. Ignore these, but note the reading when the Blood Pressure ‘levels out’
  4. Take readings daily until you become familiar with the machine; take readings at different times during the day
  5. Take readings especially if you feel dizzy or faint or if you become conscious of your heart beating (the sphygmomanometers also record your pulse)
  6. Bring the readings to your doctor or nurse at your next appointment

If looking after your blood pressure properly seems expensive, just remember that the cost of ignoring it can be extortionate!




Good Luck! Bernard Shevlin, Tean (01538 722323)