Summer 2006

2nd May: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Neurological know-how; where it makes a difference!"

The neurological history and examinations are arguably the most challenging in the whole of clinical medicine and beset with pitfalls; even common complaints such as headache and dizziness can be harbingers of disaster. It is a privilege to welcome back the world’s most popular neurologist, Professor Martin Samuels of Harvard, a true boffin, but also a true people’s champion. Today Marty will focus on those ‘red flags’ in clinical neurology which can steer us away the quick-sands of misadventure and where patients can lose out if we don’t "get it right!"

3rd May: Wednesday Evening at Thornbury Hall

"Neurological know-how" part 2.

A memorable interactive evening with the legendary Professor Martin Samuels.

Registration/canapés 7-15pm

Lecture starts 8-0 p.m. followed by Dinner.

9th May: Tuesday Lunchtime

"The Liver laid Bare"

Even the basic liver function tests can be difficult to interpret and fraught with misunderstandings and further evaluations of this complex structure gives us all a hard time. Enter Dr Alan Bohan, our new liver specialist, with a passion and expertise in the care of this much-abused organ, and a growing reputation as teacher and humourist. Today he will strip the liver of its mysteries and give us a straight-forward handout so we need never suffer from hepatic perplexity again!

16th May: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Diabetes: Burgeoning Epidemic: Burgeoning Knowledge"

The Queen of Diabetic Excellence, Professor Nancy Bohannon of San Francisco, makes a very welcome return to update us on the explosive increase in numbers of diabetics and her gold standard advice on how to deal with it.

23rd May: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Wonky Willies of the World"

Christine Evans, urological surgeon extra-ordinaire, brings erectile dysfunction to life with updates, vignettes and practical advice on dealing with this common problem. She is one of the true characters of modern medicine as was captured on the TV series of her work in which she charmed the whole country with her vivid personality.

May 30th: Half Term

6th June: Tuesday Lunchtime

"The latest NHS fiascos… there must be a better way?"

Stoke seems to have suffered more than anywhere from Governmental bungling and meddling. In desperation we have invited the Shadow Secretary of State for Health, Andrew Lansley MP, to present an alternative view. He promises to break with current political practice by avoiding pious platitudes and listening to what the problems really are, allowing that we the front line troops might know more than the remote Whitehall grey-men-in suits. His talk will allow time for questions and interactions; he has come to learn as well as speak!

(Hospital Staff Welcome, but please let me know at least one week before)

13th June: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Beyond Guidelines; thinking outside the box"
It is a great pleasure to welcome Steve Chapman, Professor of Prescribing Studies and Head of Medicines Management Department at Keele.
Steve is a much travelled world authority who has contributed enormously to guidelines on rational and evidence-based prescribing. Today, however, he will highlight the limitations of rigidly applied prescribing edicts and show how sound pharmacological knowledge and sensitivity to patient need can increase our true effectiveness!

20th June: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Parenthood: the Final Frontier"

Otto Kaak is Professor of Child Psychiatry in Kentucky and revered as a source of common sense in negotiating the difficult reefs of parenthood. Today he will talk about the spectrum of childhood behaviour problems and how to survive them!

21st June: Wednesday Evening at Thornbury Hall

"Children: the Good, the Bad and the Absolutely Awful!"

An evening with Professor Otto Kaak in which he shares the secrets of his speciality and shows how his common sense approach can help doctors and parents tackle the most challenging problems.

Registration/canapés 7-15pm.

Lecture starts 8-0 pm followed by Dinner.


27th June: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Global threats from Infectious Diseases: from Godzillas to Paper Tigers"

We have been repeatedly "spooked" by various infectious disease threats that were all going to wipe out Civilisation as we know it - from AIDS, Mad Cow Disease to MRSA; flavour of the month is of course Bird Flu' Today we have asked Dr Tony Cadwgan - our own Infectious Disease Guru - to find the country’s leading authority and ask him/her to evaluate these threats so that the people of Britain will know whether they can sleep soundly in their beds at night!

(search in progress at time of going to press!)


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