Summer 2004

11th May: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Bristol, Shipman, Clinical Governance and Performance Measurements: Finding our Way through the Data Fog "

Dr. Mohammed A. Mohammed, senior research fellow in public health and epidemiology, Birmingham, has novel approaches to health quality evaluation, which have led to his involvement in the Shipman and Bristol enquiries and his opinion being pursued by Health Boards throughout the U.K. Today he will look at quality in Medical Practice and how it might be better measured.


18th May: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Dermatology Update: …on the Scales of Importance"

If we don’t get it right in dermatology, it often doesn’t matter too much, our "wrong" diagnosis and "wrong" treatment making little difference to the long-term clinical outcome. But sometimes it does - as when the skin lesion is an early malignancy, or a marker for some serious systemic disease or just because the "right" treatment is just some very effective! Paul Krusinski is Professor of Dermatology in Vermont, has contributed dozens of important papers to the world literature and today will show us those conditions that really are important and the treatments that transform our patient’s lives.



19th May: Tuesday Evening at Thornbury Hall

"Trade Secrets in Dermatology: an evening with Paul Krusinski"

Professor Krusinski breaks rank with the Inner Circle of Dermatology to inform us on their most sacred magic tricks!



25th of May and 1st of June NB Two (2) weeks

8th June: Tuesday Lunchtime

"General Practice Matters: the Sadovsky Special!"

Never has the G.P. had so many ways to help his patients, but keeping up to date - even in areas that truly matter - is all but impossible. Doctor Richard Sadovsky, Professor and Practitioner in Family Practice, Brooklyn, New York, has an awesome reputation for his ability to cull the literature and translate it into patient benefit. Today he will string his latest batch of pearls together from his acclaimed lectures in Sexuality, Men's Health issues, Gastro-enterology, Headache, and many more to treat our patients more effectively; this is a must for all G.P.s and a chance to meet Richard who comes with the very highest ratings from the AAFP (American Academy of Family Practice).



15Th June: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Patient Matters"

New Ideas, New Services, New Hospital Short-Cuts – developments you daren’t miss in this quickfire update from the various Hospital Departments."



22nd June: Tuesday Lunchtime

"If I were a G.P…Hypertension and the New Contract"

Barbara Cassedei, honorary consultant in Cardiovascular Medicine at the John Ratcliffe Hospital, Oxford, has top credentials as both researcher and clinician; moreover, she is very oriented to the problems of General Practice and is an extremely popular speaker on our program. Who better then, to look at the New Contract and show us how to "do it" best!



29th June: Tuesday Lunchtime

"They’ve moved the Diabetic Goalposts again (but not yet far enough!): Update from Nancy, the coruscating Queen of Diabetes"

What a delight to have Professor Nancy Bohannon back with us – a true International Speaker who always inspires us to improve the care of our diabetic patients… her comments of Diabetes in the New Contract should be fun!



30th June: Wednesday Evening at Thornbury Hall

"Medical Masterclass: An evening with Nancy Bohannon"

Nancy today focuses on some problem areas in Diabetes with illustrative cases for discussion. Bring your own cases for illumination from the top!

(Canapés and registration 7-15 onwards. Lecture begins at 8-0 followed by buffet meal)



6th July: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Contraception: the Definitive update form the Contraception King"

John Guillebaude makes a welcome return; this fast-moving speciality demands an annual update


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