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May 13th: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Shedding Light on the Skin"

How nice to welcome back the English-speaking World’s favourite Dermatologist, Professor John R.T. Reeves. Renowned as a superb speaker, John will today bring us up to date on the latest therapeutic advances and flavour them with his inimitable mixture of tips, pearls and humour.

May 14th Wednesday evening at Thornbury Hall

Medical Masterclass with John RT Reeves.

Informal, Interactive Tutorial where all your Dermatological problems can be discussed and despatched!

May 20th: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Contraception – the Full Monty!"

Professor John Guillebaude, contraception’s uncrowned king brings us a timely update on this fast-moving arena.

May 27th Half Term

June 3rd: Tuesday Lunchtime

"The Criminal Under-prescribing of Androgens"

Peter Haynes is one of the great characters of Medicine, with a purple past which includes serving as a soldier, a nurse, a drug rep, a bartender and a personal fitness trainer on his way to becoming a consultant rheumatologist. Today he travels on his motorbike from Oldham to give us this therapeutic eye-opener.


June 10th: Tuesday Lunchtime.

"The bullet with your name on"

What health problems are lurking out there in the future for ourselves and our patients? How can we avoid or delay them? Joel Posner is Professor of Medicine and Chief of Geriatric Services at Algaynay University, Philadelphia, and his strategic approach to longevity makes him the ideal person to address these issues in this acclaimed and wide-ranging lecture. As the "Woody Allen" of Medicine whose astute eloquence is legendary, we are delighted that he has agreed to make a return visit with us.


June 17th: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Knee and ankle injuries: where the G.P. can really make a difference"

Alan Hodson has been Head of Medicine and Exercise Science at the Football Association for 14 years. His huge experience in treating sporting injuries, coupled with his humour and practical tips makes him a much sought after speaker. Anticipate a high-octane hour of fun and learning!

(specially recommended by Dr Jane Barber)


June 24 th: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Diabetes type II: When the going gets tough…."

Professor Nancy Bohannon from San Francisco is probably the worlds’ most requested speaker on the subject of diabetes. Today she will review the natural history of type 2 diabetes, focussing particularly on its later stages, including the ‘when’ and ‘how’ of insulin instigation.


June 25th: Evening meeting at Thornbury Hall

"Diabetes Masterclass with Nancy Bohannon"

The dynamic doyenne of diabetes gives us an hour of her inspirational teaching packed with updates, caveats, tips and pearls.

July 1st: Tuesday Lunchtime

"The Whingers, the Moaners and the Shouters"

(and other patients who get up our noses!)

Shan Dobinson of Trinity Training shows us how to deal better with these exasperating patients; why not bring your senior staff along too and have them all benefit from Shan’s expertise!


July 8th: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Treating Hypertension: Current State of the Art"

It is a true delight to welcome back Professor Norman Kaplan of Texas, the "Mr Hypertension" of Planet Earth! If you have struggled to keep up to date with all the recent papers and their conflicting conclusions, Norman will today integrate the data from all of them – from Allhat, Hot, Hope, Life etc - into simple directives on how low we should go and how we should get there!


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