Program for Summer 2002

April 30th Tuesday Lunchtime.

"Politics for Dummies"

If you find politics mystifying and exasperating, today's meeting should make things clear! First Doctor Paul Golik, secretary of the LMC, explains the New Contract and canvasses your feelings on a variety of issues, then Doctor Mike Brown enlists the help of the Crazy Gang to ensure that your PDP is up and running with as many painless short cuts as can be contrived. If you already have your own PDP folder, please bring it along.

May 7th, Tuesday Lunchtime

"Head and neck Cancers: Warning signs you daren't miss!"

Mr Peter Grime, recently appointed dynamic lead clinican for Head and Neck Cancer at NSRI, makes an impassioned plea for earlier diagnosis and referral. Chairman Doctor Alwyn Ralphs.

May 14th: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Everything you need to know about Strokes"

What a delight to welcome back the ever popular Karl Misulis, Professor of Neurology in Tenessee and erstwhile standup comedian who was such a hit with us last year. Today's topic looks daunting, but if anyone can deliver, then Karl can!

May 15th: Wednesday Evening, Thornbury Hall

7-15 for 8-0 start, followed by dinner

"Neurological Brainstorm"

Professor Karl Misulis brings us bang up to date on all the recent advances in Neurology; from CJD to MND, Tremors to Tryptans, Dementia to Demyelination, .....


May 21st: Tuesday Lunchtime at the Medical Institute

"The Radiology Department: Which test and how to get it!"

Doctors John Oxtoby and Paula Richards flag up the most and least useful investigations for clinical situations which confront G.P.s.

May 28th: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Drug Addiction"

It is a great pleasure to welcome Doctor Claire Gerada who is a G.P. and project director for the RCGP drug training program. Claire is renowned for her energy and enthusiasm and passionate belief that G.P.s can play a key role in helping those often exasperating patients who are "drug-addicts".






June 4th: Half Term

June 11th Tuesday Lunchtime

"Red lights, quicksands and best buys in Infectious Disease"

It is a delight to welcome back Peter Mckellar, Professor of Medicine in Phoenix,Arizona, who has a vast clinical experience in the management of infections and is widely acclaimed throughout the U.S.A. for the excellence of his teaching. His last lecture tour was so much appreciated here, that we just had to invite him back.


June 12th, Wednesday Evening at Thornbury Hall

7-15 for 8-0 start, followed by dinner

"...but what would you do doctor?"

Professor Peter McKellar takes us through some instructive case histories where our decision making really makes a difference.

June 18th, Tuesday Lunchtime

"In search of the Holy Grail..."

The pursuit of Clinical Excellence drives all of us in General Practice and dictates the shape of our continuing post-graduate education. But how have things improved and do the Guidelines and committee dictats truly improve things for patients? Today Doctor Tony Grocott, GP, Medical Adviser to Kent Health Authority and much lauded speaker, travels up from Dover with a Mission in mind!

June 25th Tuesday Lunchtime

"Diabetes Update"

The exciting developments in the management of Type 2 diabetes allow us to call upon our favourite diabetic doyenne, Professor Nancy Bohannon of San Francisco, to update us in an explosive hour of dynamic and high quality education.

June 26th: Wednesday Evening

"Diabetes Masterclass"

Nancy Bohannon ensures that we are up to speed in all areas of diabetes. Bring along any questions or difficulties and the Queen of Diabetes herself will respond!