Summer Program for 2008


13th May: Tuesday Lunchtime

 “Focus on Fags: Deaths behind the Smoke-screen!”

Helping patients to stop smoking is arguably the most important intervention a G.P. can ever offer his patients, yet there is a smoke-screen of misinformation which prevents us delivering optimal help. Today we have invited Dr Alex Bobak to give his acclaimed and extraordinary lecture which will ensure that no smoker gets under our General Practice Radar. As a GP and senior partner in Wandsworth, he is not only the sole GPSI in Smoking Cessation in the UK, but is also an impressive media doctor (e.g. Sky News doctor since 1997). Today he will present the best evidence-based techniques to help patients to stop smoking with minimum impact on the GPs and maximum benefit to both smokers and the practice. The other title offered for this talk was:” How to give maximum help for smokers in 30 seconds" which attests to his orientation to the needs of the harassed G.P.!


20th May: Tuesday Lunchtime

 “Diabetes Update; Nancy’s back in town!”

Dealing with the burgeoning epidemic of diabesity is arguably the biggest challenge for everyone involved in health care. What a delight, then, to welcome back its doyenne, Professor Nancy Bohannon of San Francisco. In this fast – expanding area, advances occur apace and it needs a very special speaker to ensure that we can translate the new and exciting data into realistic patient care; no-one on the planet does it better than Nancy!


20th May: Wednesday Evening Meeting at the Ramada Hotel

 “Diabetes Update; Case Studies, Best Options"

Tonight Nancy will discuss cases brought along by us, the range of therapeutic options available, and how to optimise treatment to save eyes, hearts, kidneys, brains and lives. Please let me know if you wish to bring along or present a case.

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 (Canapés and registration 7-15 onwards. Lecture begins at 8-0 followed by buffet meal)


27th May: Half Term


3rd June:  Tuesday Lunchtime.

"Men and women: the Differences that make the Difference!”

What a pleasure to welcome back Richard Sadovsky, Professor of Family Medicine in Brooklyn, New York, to deliver this thought-provoking lecture with some additional (and highly requested!) updated data on testosterone. Richard is an International and inspirational speaker who regularly speaks on issues of men’s health and some of the advances in our understanding of gender differences will have far-reaching consequences. 


4th June: Wednesday Evening Meeting at Thornbury Hall
"Recent Advances that have changed my Practice”

Professor Sadowsky not only speaks on issues of men’s health, but also on BPH, lipid management, migraine, patient education and many more. Tonight we have asked him to update us on those recent advances (over the last 2 years) which have truly impacted on patient care. As usual in this masterclass setting, there will be plenty of time for contributions from the audience. What do you think have been the most important advances? Don’t be shy of the soap-box!


 (Canapés and registration 7-15 onwards. Lecture begins at 8-0 followed by buffet meal)


PS: Let me know if you wish to reserve a 2-5 minute soap-box session! Phone 01538 722678 or e-mail



10th June: Tuesday Lunchtime
 “Practice Matters: Staying out of the Asylum!”

Politicians and administrators continue their assaults on the NHS, seemingly undeterred by their past failures! Dr Paul Golik, local G.P. and political guru, brings together a panel of ‘Doctors in the Know’ to review current changes and advise us on how to cope with them without compromising patient care or losing our sanity!


17th June: Tuesday Lunchtime

“Meet the Paediatricians”

Three of our top local experts, will each give a 12 minute talk on their special area of expertise followed by questions.


1. The changing Face of Childhood Cancer” Dr Simon Parke.

The prognosis of most childhood cancers is improving markedly (eg ALL and Wilm’s), and there is significant progress being made on the remainder(eg neuroblastoma and CNS tumours) Today Simon will bring us up to date on the current state of play with the common childhood cancers and help us play our part in the early diagnosis and treatment.

2. “Red Flags for Children at risk” Dr Jackie Kilding

What are the warning signs that should alert us to a child being abused, neglected or merely the victim of happenstance? What signs or symptoms should put us on our guard for a child needing further investigations? Jackie will show us the red-flags that can prevent a disaster!


3. “Fits, Faints and Funny Turns” Dr Ravi Singh

These can be perplexing – especially in the setting of a busy surgery with severe time constraints and frantic parents! Ravi has a special interest in Paediatric Neurology and will delineate those key features in the history and examination which point us in the right directions!


All Lunchtime Meetings at the Ramada, Newcastle-under-Lyme

(01782 613093)

Evening Meeting at Thornbury Hall (near Cheadle) 01538 750831, or the Ramada.

All Meetings Free of Charge

All doctors and practice nurses Welcome

All meetings PGE recommended.


01538 722678 (home and fax)