24th January: Wednesday Evening at Thornbury Hall


“Medical Use of Humour; no Laughing Matter!”

Doctor Rob Buckman’s brilliant and invaluable expose of “How to break Bad News” had everyone screaming for his early return. Today he interrupts his prestigious tour of the U.K. to do just that! Drawing on his years of experience as clinician, oncologist and humourist, he will show us how to use humour more effectively to help our patients in many diverse real-life situations. This is a deadly serious lecture, though excessive provocation of laughter has been approved!  


Registration/canapés 7-15pm.

Lecture starts 8-0 pm followed by Dinner.




30th January: Tuesday Lunchtime


“Top Ten Ways you squander your Money!”

Kavita Oberoi had us entranced last term with her exposes of QOF and PBC. However, her expertise extends into the whole complex realm of G.P. finances. Today we have asked her to tell us our most common errors in income preservation and how to put things right!




6th February: Tuesday Lunchtime

"The Lard that kills: time to get tough on fat!"

It is a great joy to welcome back Professor Joel Posner who has charmed, entertained and educated us on several previous occasions. Today's topic is very close to Joel's heart and his North American "fixit-it" philosophy will prove a wake-up call to those of us who think that being overweight is solely the patient's problem; advances in both our understanding of obesity and the pharmacological options now available make a strong case for intervention by the modern physician.




13th and 20th February: Half Term




27th February: Tuesday Lunchtime

“Scary Skin Lesions: Remove, Refer or Reassure!”

What do you do with those funny-looking skin lesions which you just aren’t sure about? The option of biopsy may well be taken away from us as only doctors with “special training” will be paid for such excisions. Today we have invited Dr Boon Tan, Consultant Dermatologist at NSRI whose special interest in this area will translate into a clear “What-to-do-next” lecture. Moreover, until it becomes clear how we can get further training in biopsy/excision techniques, the handout and certificate of attendance available at the end of this lecture will certainly attest to your special interest in this area of Medicine.










6th March: Tuesday Lunchtime


“New Horizons in Psychiatry: Treating our Evolutionary Baggage”

Doctor Zoran (“Bio”) Fulgosi, consulting psychiatrist in Toronto, Canada, is unquestionably the most uncompromising and aggressive pharmacotherapist we have encountered! His practical experience and in-depth knowledge of the literature leads “Bio” to the conclusion that so-called “refractory” Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD etc. are rare indeed when these scientific principles are applied! Today you will leave with not only a sound rationale for heroic pharmacological interventions, but a handout to guide treatment of the most difficult psychiatric cases encountered in General Practice! (If you dare use them!)



13th March: Tuesday Lunchtime


“On the Home Front”

So many Services and Departments wish to bend our ears on how best to access their services. This is a whirlwind tour of what is new locally to benefit our patients, with, hopefully a scattering of clinical pearls thrown in! All our speakers are exhorted to stick to what is relevant to primary care and highlight the fast-track ways to improve our patients’ lot. Talk of politics, funding and administrative jargon are totally outlawed for this meeting!


20th March: Tuesday Lunchtime


“Language that heals: Words as scalpels to the mind!”

Patients attending a physician are invariable in a highly suggestible state, sometimes akin to the hypnotic state itself! Such states of mind empower the doctor to help not only the psychological state of the patient but also via the immune, endocrine and autonomic nervous systems to impact on infection, auto-immune disease, wound healing and haemostasis. What a delight, then, to welcome Dabney Ewin, Clinical Professor of both Surgery and Psychiatry at Tulane Medical School, Louisiana. Dabney has been the most inspirational speaker on Clinical Hypnosis on both sides of the Atlantic for the past 30 years, with vignettes from his practice as both a surgeon and a psychiatrist. If you ever doubted the healing power of your words, do not miss this astonishing lecture.







If you wish to sponsor any of our meetings or need further details, you can reach me on:

01538 722678





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