Spring 2006

31st January - Tuesday Lunchtime

"Trade Secrets of Sports Injuries; Top Tips from a Pragmatic Doyen"

Sporting injuries are becoming increasingly common, yet we G.P.s have precious little training in this area. Enter Dr Patrick Milroy who has an awesome pedigree in their management and prevention with extensive contributions to the medical literature and an
array of prestigious appointments, including chair of the Sports
Medicine Committee for the Commonwealth Games (Manchester 2002!). His own sporting
achievements - including a 2 hour 26 minute marathon, and many medals -
attest to his physical commitment to the subject. Moreover he is still a
full time G.P. and therefore grounded in common sense and real world practicalities. Today he will share with us as many "pearls" as possible on sports injuries and
spill the beans with inside stories on our top sportsmen (GMC permitting!)

7th Feb: Tuesday Lunchtime

"The Careless Contraceptor"

Professor John Guillebaude is unquestionably the World no. 1 expert on matters contraceptive. In spite of his lifelong dedication to education in Family Planning, he remains bang up to date on the state of the art and eager to share his expertise with other professionals. Today he will focus on the unreliable patient and how to help her make safer choices.


14th and 21st February: Half Term


28th February: Tuesday Lunchtime

"The War on Cardio-Vascular Disease: What news from the front?"

Peter Sever is Professor of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics at Imperial College, London, and is one of the world’s leading gurus in cardiovascular medicine. Although he has massive research commitments, he is still involved with clinical medicine and, legendary educator that he is, will tease out those vital practical pearls which make a difference in the real world of patient care in this long awaited lecture.


March 7th: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Muscle Pain Relief in 90 seconds! 21 types just waiting to be cured!"

Doctor Dale Anderson, a practising physician from Minnesota, reveals his amazing "hold and Fold" techniques which have received world-wide acclaim and help relieve 21 common types of muscular pains (backache, neckache, shoulder-pain, tennis elbow etc) His book has been translated into 4 languages and is now in its 10th printing and will hopefully be available after the talk for the special price of about £5! Moreover, he will demonstrate the simplicity and safety of these techniques on ‘volunteers’ from the audience….

…But Dale has another side too… and hopefully we will have time to glimpse his theatrical skills and learnings which have brought him many speaking awards and point the way to greater health, vitality and youth for ourselves and our patients!

March 14th: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Never too early, never too late to think about your pension!"

If you want to work until you drop, if you delight in being a high-tax donor, if you love to squander money through an invisible trap door, this meeting is not for you! Today the legendary John Mills, Super-Accountant extra-ordinaire will reveal all, about pension savings, pension calculations, tax-efficiency and beating bureaucracy and help you hang on to more of your hard-earned money.


21st March: Tuesday Lunchtime

"The Spectrum of Clinical Hypnosis: What's in it for patients...what's in it for me?"

It is a great pleasure to welcome Doctor Denisa Legac, consulting
psychiatrist in Croatia and president of the Croatian Hypnosis Association
who will today expound on why she has such a passionate enthusiasm for this
neglected discipline. Denisa is an awesome lady and a rising star on the
European scene who will back up her claims with demonstrations on the
audience; don't just hear about it from your colleagues, but make sure you
are there for this exceptional event!

22nd March: Wednesday Evening at Thornbury Hall

"A Relaxing Evening with Denisa Legac"

… very relaxing actually, as Denisa demonstrates the range and power of hypnotic techniques!

Registration/canapés 7-15.

Lecture starts 8-0 pm followed by Dinner.


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