Spring 2004

3rd February: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Our Blue Ribbon Colorectal Cancer Services – something to be proud of!"

When so much of the National Health Service is over-stretched and in some areas close to meltdown, it is refreshing to celebrate an area where we really are comparable to the best anywhere in the world. Today Mr Martin Farmer, colorectal surgeon, joins with his lead colorectal nurse specialist, Deanna Latham, to update us on the service and ensure that we know how to ‘fast- track’ our patients so that they may benefit from local excellence.

Chairman Mike Brown


10th Feb: Tuesday Lunchtime

"..until the pips squeak…"

A sanguine look at the new contract.

Uncertainty, apprehension and a historically justified paranoia beset any "new initiatives" from government! Although Doctor Joseph Blackburn shares our cynicism (he is currently training to be a plumber in his spare time!), he is optimistic about this new deal, maintaining that we can all become far better paid (at least £150,000 doctor per annum!) This is a survival lecture from a full-time G.P. who has inspired us all in the past with his clarity of thought and is a ‘must’ for all G.P.s who have to live with the new contract.

17th and 24th: February: Half Term. NB Two (2) weeks

March 1st: Monday Evening at Thornbury Hall

"New Concepts in Atherosclerosis"

..an evening with Professor Nancy Bohannon..

Our understanding of the atherosclerotic process continues apace, and we are extremely grateful that our very own Doyen of Diabetes from San Francisco is interrupting her hectic lecture tour of the U.K. to revisit Stoke. No one has made a greater impact on our post-grad education than Nancy and (Thank Heaven!) she enjoys her visitations with us!

(Canapés and registration 7-15 onwards. Lecture begins at 8-0 followed by buffet meal)

2nd March: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Love Bites!"

An update on Sexually transmitted Diseases is long overdue and it is a real pleasure to introduce Dr Gill McCarthy, Consultant Physician and head of the Department of Genito-Urinary Medicine, Kingston-upon-Thames. As a former G.P. herself, Gill’s great passion is the development of sexual health services in primary care and she comes with an awesome reputation of clarity and pragmatism.

9Th March: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Visual Express: Taking the Blindfolds off Ophthalmology"

We have invited Mr Tim Gillow, consultant ophthalmologist at NSRI to take us on a whirlwind tour of his speciality, emphasising the important areas where interventions really do make a difference to our patients and how these conditions are best sorted out; when referrals are needed, which pathway is most appropriate? The lecture concludes with his famous "Three Minute Ophthalmology Examination"

16th March: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Master Strokes"

Strokes feature heavily in the New Contract, and to obtain maximum points we must practice and document at the very highest levels (as most of us do anyway!). However, it is timely to get an update from the world’s favourite Neurologist, Professor Martin Samuels of Harvard, on Gold Standards in stroke prevention and care; we have asked for particular mention of those items flagged up in the New Contract – viz. The importance of CT and MR scans, the optimum management of TIAs, and the role of Blood Pressure, Cholesterol reduction, smoking cessation and anti-platelet agents.

16th March: Tuesday Evening at Thornbury Hall

"Neurological Nuisances"

Despite his role as "Godfather" of the world’s most prestigious Neurological Institute, Professor Martin Samuels remains a true "people’s champion" with an uncanny ability to relate to G.P.s and their real day-to-day problems. Tonight we blitz the "Big Three" – Dizziness, Headache and TATT in a co-operative venture. Please note that we will be starting early – at 7-30pm sharp – with drinks/canapés before and during a short intermission. The usual fabulous buffet will follow at around 9-30 pm

23rd March: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Child Advocacy International"

Millions of children each year are caught up in the ravages of war, famine, epidemic and expulsions. Child Advocacy International reaches out to these children, striving to provide Medical Services, both hospital and community, to the abandoned and dispossessed. Today we will witness their work through the eyes of the Honorary Medical Director, whose experiences in Bosnia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Africa will bring home the importance of this work and remind us of many clinical conditions (e.g. pertussis, measles, tetanus, diphtheria) we scarcely ever see ourselves these days.

30th March: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Happy Consultations are better Consultations!"

Patients continually advise us to ‘lighten up’ and ‘smile more’ in our surgeries (e.g. BMJ 14.9.2002. page 561). Who better than Clifford Kuhn to show us how to make our interactions with patients more joyful? Cliff is Professor of Psychiatry in Kentucky, but also is a highly successful stand-up comedian. Today he will demonstrate four techniques that will unleash the healing energy from Fun Consultations.

(To find out more about Cliff, check his web-site: www.humorbeing.com)

31st March: Wednesday Evening at Thornbury Hall

"Why the buggers won’t do as they’re told"

A novel Look at patient compliance.

An evening with Professor Clifford Kuhn in which he will teach and demonstrate those higher communication skills which truly do improve patient compliance and clinical outcomes!

(Canapés and registration 7-15 onwards. Lecture begins at 8-0 followed by buffet meal)