Spring 2001

5th Feb: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Where the G.P. really makes difference: the future of General Practice"

Mike Pringle is Professor of General Practice in Nottingham, late chairman of the Royal College of General Practitioners and has a huge portfolio of research and teaching interests. Who better, then, to show us the way forward in General Practice and where to apply our efforts to maximise patient care.

12th Feb: Half Term

19th February : Tuesday Lunchtime

"CPR: The Full Monty"

...with hands-on teaching for each attendee. There will be a whirlwind update followed by group tuition, a practical test and a signed certificate to put in your PDP. This will be very intensive and close work, so have an early night and don't forget to floss!


26th February: Tuesday Lunchtime.

"Neurological Nuggets"

Martin Samuels is Professor of Neurology at Harvard and on previous visits has inspired us with his understanding of the real problems of General Practice and his ability to translate difficult neurological concepts into helpful working practice; an internationally acclaimed speaker, Martin not only makes the difficult clinical speciality accessible to G.P.s, but his presentation flambes the subject into a truly enjoyable dish!

27th February: Wednesday Evening: Thornbury Hall

"Neurological Nuggets Part 2"

Professor Martin Samuels

5th March : Tuesday Lunchtime.

"ACEIs come up trumps - not only in Hypertension!"

The striking success of the "HOPE" study and the benefits clearly visible in "PROGRESS" requires an update on ACE inhibitors. Should they be added to the drinking water? It is a delight to welcome back one of our favourites - Doctor Barbara Casadei, the Queen of Hypertension - to review the latest advances and bring us bang up to date! Barbara is honorary Consultant in Cardiovascular Medicine at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford and has superb credentials as both researcher and clinician

12th March:Tuesday Lunchtime

"Crumbling Bones: an Epidemic of Neglect!"

It is a delight to welcome back one of the most eloquent and witty sages of American Medical Education. Professor Joel Posner (the "Woody Allen of Medicine") will present new and exciting data on osteoporosis, but in a manner both enjoyable and entertaining ("Joel could make any subject riveting!")

13th March: Evening Thornbury Hall

"Aspects of Aging that you can avoid!"

Joel Posner's previous lecture on aging which presented data to show that humans could live to be over 200 years certainly needs an update; can you afford to miss this disturbing lecture?

19th March: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Those far away places...getting nearer and nearer"

Adrian McCracken is a full-time General Practitioner in Malvern, Worcestershire who is an excellent speaker with a special fondness for infectious disease. Today he flags up some of those exotic infections that are becoming increasingly encountered outside of their 'expected' locations.

26th March: Tuesday Lunchtime

John Guillebaude

" Update on Contraceptive Options: Masterclass from the Master"

Professor John Guillebaude is unquestionably the World no. 1 expert on contraceptive matters. His lifelong dedication and commitment to education in Family Planning keeps him right at the cutting edge of Family planning Issues and ever willing to share his expertise with other professionals. Surely an update in this area should be on everyone's personal learning plan?.


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