The Homer Simpson Diet  Plan


If you are confused and frustrated by the complexity of diets available, then these simple rules just might be the best way to go. I’ve kept them simple so that even Homer Simpson could stick to them! Good Luck!


1. Drink Water: before during and after meals! Every diet you will ever read tells you to drink more. Instead of water you can use any nil or nearly nil calorie drinks. Otherwise your thirst (and none of us drink enough!) will convert to hunger and you will over-eat!


2. Certain Foods make you hungry: avoid them like the plague! The are essentially the refined carbohydrates – i.e. anything that contains sugar or flour. Bread is the single biggest offender, but cakes, sweets, biscuits, pasta are all in there


3. Don’t eat on an empty stomach: have a snack30 minutes before a meal. It takes your body at least 30 minutes to realise that you have had something to eat, so that by the time you stop feeling hunger pangs you have eaten massively more than you really wanted. Good snacks to have before are nuts, fish, meat, soup, small omelette, etc


4. Side-Salads are great! Salads are low in calories and loaded with minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants; prepared imaginatively they taste delicious and also help ‘fill you up’!


5. Dine with Royalty: Invite the queen round for dinner. Make mealtime a special occasion, not to be rushed but to be savoured and taken ‘in style’ If the queen isn’t available, just pretend someone you want to impress is sharing the mealtime with you! Mealtime is a precious ‘quality of life’ time.



Dr Bernard Shevlin. Tean. Staffs.