Caregiver Dementia Screener


·       Does the patient often repeat himself (herself) or ask the same question over and over?


·       Is he (she) more forgetful, that is, having trouble with short-term memory?


·       Does he (she) need reminders to do things like chores, shopping or taking medicine?


·       Does he ((she) forget appointments, family occasions, or holidays?


·       Does he (she) seem sad, down in the dumps, or cry more often than in the past?


·       Has he (she) started having trouble doing calculations, managing finances, or balancing the checkbook?


·       Has he (she) lost interest in his (her) usual activities, such as hobbies, reading church, or other social activities?


·       Has he (she) started needing help eating, dressing, bathing, or using the bathroom?


·       Has he (she) become irritable, agitated, or suspicious or started seeing, hearing, or believing things that are not real?


·       Are there concerns about his (her) driving, for example, getting lost or driving unsafely, or has he (she) has to stop driving? If he (she) has never driven, answer “no”.


·       Does he (she) have trouble finding words he (she) wants to say, finishing his (her) sentences, or naming people or things?



Note: Questions are answered “yes” or “no” or “don’t know”.  Three or more “yes” answers signify a positive dementia screening.