Autumn 2009


3rd November: Tuesday Lunchtime

“NICE: Sometimes Good, Sometimes Bad, Sometimes plain Ugly!”

Do you ever have qualms about putting NICE guidelines into practice? Do you ever worry just how sound these guidelines are? Do you even disobey them on occasions? If so, then today’s meeting will be a breath of fresh air for you! Professor Tim Reynolds of Burton is pre-eminent in clinical chemistry, but his sharp wit and cutting analyses have given him an outstanding reputation for challenging the oracle and debunking many revered dictats throughout Medicine.

(Meeting sponsored solely by Schering-Plough)


10th November: Tuesday Lunchtime

“Update in Urology: PSA testing, OAB (overactive bladder) and other Current Issues”

It is a true delight to welcome back Dr. Lawrence Hatchett, founder of the Florida-Georgia Urological Centre and Clinical Professor of Urology at Southern Illinois University. Lawrence was a spectacular hit with us on his last lecture tour and we have somehow inveigled him into a return visit. With the charisma and eloquence of a medical Obama, the style of a film-star, and the teaching skills of a true doyen, this will be a meeting to be savoured!

(Thanks to Pfizer for making a travel allowance available to today’s speaker)


17th November: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Swine Flu and other threats; Updates on Public Health Issues.”

Dr Giri Rajaratnam, Director of Public Health for Stoke, has organised a panel of experts including Dr Nic Coetzee Consultant in Communicable Disease Control, to bring us bang up to speed on actual and potential epidemics and pandemics and our strategies for dealing with them. This meeting will also provide an ideal forum for rolling up all the controversies in immunisation and highlighting other important public health matters – all of which inevitably impact on the G.P.!


24th November: Tuesday Lunchtime

The Failing Heart; Boosting Performance.

Not only is heart failure common (About 900,000 people already diagnosed in the UK) and often difficult to diagnose, but gold standards in treatment are infrequently achieved. What a delight then to welcome Doctor Dewarakan Satchithananda, Consultant Cardiologist at UHNS and our recently appointed Clinical Lead in Heart Failure. Doctor Satchithananda, who happily answers to Doctor Satchi (“Dargoi” to his friends!), will lay bare the pitfalls of diagnosis and management and show us how to achieve treatment goals for our patients, as well as telling us what help is available for GPs in delivering these standards.

(Meeting sponsored solely by Pfizer)


1st December: Tuesday Lunchtime

ENT Update: Meet the local experts!

Today we have invited our ENT department to update us on developments within their department and on all matters relevant to ENT. In today’s mini-symposium, Mr. Paul Wilson will preside over a bevy of experts addressing such questions as:

"Good referrals and bad referrals to ENT"

"Improving your examination techniques in ENT"

"Complaints and Litigation in ENT – staying out of trouble"

"New Services in the ENT department"

"The Hearing Clinic at COPD"


8th December 8th: Professor David Price

“Itches, sneezes and wheezes – the shifting sands of allergy”

Today we are lucky enough to have with us Professor David Price, Professor of Respiratory Medicine at the University of Aberdeen and part-time GP in Norwich to boot (a mere 550 mile commute!) He also heads the research committees of the General Practice Airways Group and the International Primary Care Respiratory Group and is advisor to the Department of Health on the national service framework for COPD. Who better then, to bring us up to date on developments in allergy and their relevance to general practice!

(Meeting sponsored solely by Schering-Plough)


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