Autumn 2008



4th November: Tuesday Lunchtime

“Testing Time: Make the laboratory your friend!”

This is National Pathology week, and today we are privileged to have a conglomeration of experts from every department in our laboratories to show us how to use their expertise more effectively. There will be whirlwind lecturettes from each domain, highlighting the most useful and least useful tests, how to get them done and how to interpret the results! No practicing doctor or nurse can afford to miss this cornucopia of tips and pearls.



11th November: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Sleep and Fatigue: Greater understanding, better treatments”

It is a great pleasure to welcome Professor Jayant Phadke, chief of Neurology in Worcester, Mass. Jayant has top-notch teaching, clinical and research credentials and today will reveal the latest developments in our understanding of the physiology and pathophysiology of sleep; he will go on to show how such advances translate into improved understanding and treatment of our patients' symptoms. Better stay awake for this one!



18th November: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Meet the Gynaecologists”

We follow up on the formula used in “Meet the Cardiologists” and “Meet the Paediatricians” which were so acclaimed by you in past meetings. Today we will focus on some of the most important issues in gynaecology, with updates on cancer, incontinence and hormonal diagnosis and treatment from three of our local experts from the University Hospital of Stoke-on-Trent. The distinguished panel will, of course, respond to your questions, and handouts will be available for your future reference,



25th November: Tuesday Lunchtime

“Little Things Mean a Lot: Coping with the Age of the Aged!”

The burden of increasing numbers of older people in our Society is a demographic that will not go away and will soon engulf us all. Yet there is much that the G.P. can do to spare both patients and society the pain and cost of old age. Professor Joel Posner in his role as chief of Geriatric Medicine is not only an expert on the problems of the elderly, but his life commitment to strategies for staying young makes him ideally placed to show us how to deal compassionately and scientifically with the problems which will inevitably beset both our patients and ourselves.


Tuesday Evening December 2nd

“What they don’t teach you at Medical School”

Kevin Jones, Chest Physician extra-ordinary who practices in Bolton, is the country’s best Medical stand-up comedian and after-dinner speaker. Yet his lectures are a fount of common sense and clinical wisdom and always attract 5 star ratings when he speaks here, making him one of our most popular ever guests. Don’t miss tonight for pearls a-plenty and great Northern Humour!


Canapés from 7-15pm. Lecture from 8-0 until 9-0 followed by dinner


9th December: Tuesday lunchtime

"Cardiovascular Controversies 2008"

It is a great pleasure to introduce Dr Mike Norell, lead consultant in cardiac intervention at new Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton. He comes with a formidable reputation as a dynamic and interactive educator and a guarantee to inspire and clarify in this very complex area.

(Meeting sponsored solely by Schering-Plough Ltd)





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