Autumn 2007


9th October: Tuesday Lunchtime

“Paediatric Pearls: Hot-Spots Update”

What a pleasure to welcome back Tom Irons, Professor of Paediatrics in North Carolina who is renown throughout the U.S.A. for his wisdom, common-sense and compassion. Today he will give us a whistle-stop tour of important areas in Paediatrics including childhood obesity, immunisations and enuresis. Any topics you want dealt with in addition, just let me know as Tom is a font of wisdom across the whole of his speciality!


16th October: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Neuropathic Pains: Common, Horrible, Treatable”

Of all the pain types we are called upon to treat, Neuropathic pain is most certainly the worst managed. Anthony Dickenson, Professor of Neuro-pharmacology, University College London Hospital, is a Nationally and Internationally recognised expert, with high profiles in Sweden, France and California, and is passionate that our theoretical knowledge be translated into real-time patient care. No G.P. or nurse should miss this acclaimed lecture.


Half term 23rd and 30th Oct


6th November: Tuesday Lunchtime

“Update in Colorectal Surgery with the A-Team”

Colorectal Cancer remains the most important cancer in the West and periodic updates are mandatory! Today gives us just that and much more, with contributions from our local colorectal surgeons Robin Dawson and Martin Farmer, presided over by the queen of colorectal cancer herself Christine Hall. This will not only be a whirlwind update but a clear articulation of what is happening locally and how to access their expertise!



13th November: Tuesday Lunchtime

“Blood thinning: The When-to and the How-tos made easy!"

Anticoagulation and anti-platelet therapy are arguably some of the most effective interventions in medicine, yet the penalties for getting it wrong can be catastrophic. David Fitzmaurice is a GP and Professor of Primary Care at the University of Birmingham whose primary research interest lies in cardiovascular disease, in particular oral anticoagulation management. In spite of many prestigious appointments and publications, the real reason for asking for a return visit is the clarity and pragmatism of his approach which was such a huge hit with us at his last visit.



20th November: Tuesday Lunchtime

“Losing Weight: The Myths and Madness of the Dieting Industry”

Although obesity is accepted as the major health problem of modern society, we usually fail miserably in helping our patients (and ourselves!) to become trim again! Enter Doctor John Briffa, returning at popular insistence, who today will clarify why current strategies just don’t work and give us clear guidance on how we can do much better. John is an award-winning health writer, the author of several books on the subject of nutrition and natural medicine and a regular guest on TV and Radio; above all he is a practising doctor with all pragmatism which that entails. If you are in practice in the Western World, do not miss this seminal lecture!



27th November: Tuesday Lunchtime

“Brains Wobbles: Teasing out the Cause!”

Brain failure in the elderly, acute or insidious, is always alarming, but sometimes quite amenable to treatment. It is a great pleasure to welcome back the ever-popular Joel Posner of Philadelphia, Professor of Medicine and Gerontology who will spell out those investigations and treatments that make a real difference to our patients. He will also show us how to differentiate Alzheimer’s from the WIGA Syndrome (“Worried I’ve got Alzheimer’s”) which affects both patients and their doctors!



4th December: Tuesday Lunchtime

“Case Studies in Cardiovascular Disease”

How difficult it can be to translate results of impressive trials into decisions about individual patients! Today Doctor Dimitri P. Mikhailidis, Reader and Honorary Consultant (Academic Head) of the Department of Clinical Biochemistry (Vascular Prevention Clinic) of the Royal Free Hospital, London, will look at particular case studies to illustrate how to optimise therapeutic decision-making.

NB: this meeting is sponsored and directed by Schering-Plough Ltd



11th December: Tuesday Evening at Thornbury Hall

The Special Christmas Lecture

“Hypertension: Translating advances in Knowledge into patient benefit”

Norman Kaplan is Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Texas in Dallas and is widely regarded as the “Mr Hypertension” of planet earth! Sheer luck, serendipity and a little cheek on my part bring him to Stoke to speak to us; don’t dare miss this rare opportunity to be updated by this true international authority!

(Canapés and registration 7-15 onwards. Lecture begins at 8-0 followed by buffet meal)



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