Autumn 2006


10th October: Tuesday Lunchtime

“Going for the Gold: Part 1”

Are you maximising your QOF points? Will Practice Based Commissioning benefit or hinder your practice? Are you exhausted and confused by the tunnels of hoops the government gives us to jump through? Do not miss today’s speaker - Kavita Oberoi – who, before your very eyes, will untangle the farragoes of red tape into a simple and useable format. Voted Asian Businesswoman of the Year by her peers and the person we’d most like to run the Health Service by the Medical Fraternity, she features twice on our Autumn Program ( a first!) and with good reason; in keeping us sane while helping to maximise our income, Kavita is unquestionably the voice of the moment.


17th October: Tuesday Lunchtime

“The Science of Persuasion: Dare you ignore its Power?”

The Art of Persuasion has now become a powerful scientific instrument, which, applied correctly, will help your patients comply with your advice and treatment. Steve Martin (of www.influence at is an astonishing speaker who translates psychological research into a simple 6 point guide to empower you as a person and a doctor. You will leave with some startling new ideas and a brilliant handout to ensure you make it happen!


24th and 31st October : Half Term



7th November: Tuesday Lunchtime

“Going for the Gold: Part 2”

The return of Kavita Oberoi: More pearls and gold nuggets from the  Queen of the QOF, the Princess of PBC!




14th November: Tuesday Lunchtime

“Epilepsy in the Elderly: Misdiagnosed and Mismanaged. We can do so much better!”

If you have a week to spare try “Googling” the name of Professor Ray Tallis! Ray has been an inspirational clinician for over 30 years, with huge contributions to the medical literature. He is also a respected poet, novelist, philosopher and his opinions are revered in all the highest layers of academia and government; his influence will unquestionably run into the next century. This is your chance to meet the man and here his message as Ray feels passionately about today’s subject!



21st November: Tuesday Lunchtime

“Gold Standards of Care: Golden Rewards!”

The partnership with hospital departments is the cornerstone of quality in many if not all chronic disease management protocols. Moreover our QOF payments are very often dependent on our appropriate utilisation of hospital services. Today we have invited  local hospital gurus from two departments – renal and respiratory – to ensure that our patients not only receive the very best care, but that we receive maximum QOF points: this may well be a trailblazer for future meetings!



28th November: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Getting better all the time...."

In days when the politicisation of Medicine is demoralising just about everyone in the NHS, it is as well to remind ourselves that we have never had such effective tools for helping patients... there is certainly a brighter side! What a pleasure, then to invite Richard Sadovsky, Professor of Family Medicine in Brooklyn, New York to bring us up to speed on the recent advances that have improved patient care. Richard is an international and inspirational speaker who regularly speaks on Men's Health, BPH, lipid management, migraine and patient education and it is appropriate that we end our term on a note of high optimism!





29th November: Wednesday Evening at Thornbury Hall

“…so what would you do then doctor?”

Tonight we will be commandeering the services of several doctors in the audience to act as “panel members” and  give their views on common and difficult clinical scenarios. We will also have Professor Richard Sadovsky with us for the American view. Expertise will likewise be dragged from the audience….  We’re all stars… come and shine!


Registration/canapés 7-15pm.

Lecture starts 8-0 pm followed by Dinner.





If you wish to sponsor any of our meetings or need further details, you can reach me on:

01538 722678




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