Autumn 2005

27th September: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Effective Communication at the End of Life"

How to talk to terminally ill patients and their close ones demands of our most delicate communication skills, and how often do we do it really well? Enter the legendary Rob Buckman, Medical Oncologist and Professor of Medicine in Toronto, Canada who has been acclaimed both sides of the Atlantic for his teaching, videos, TV appearances and innovations in communication imperatives. Rob spoke to us many years ago and it is his fond memories of Stoke which has made it possible to inveigle this ‘top Brit’ back to share his magic and secrets!

28th September: Wednesday Evening at Thornbury Hall

"Humour as a Coping strategy": an evening with Rob Buckman

Rob’s humour is essentially English, and he is a brilliant exponent of its subtleties, as those of you who have seen his hilarious presentations with John Cleese will already know! Tonight will be a feast of humour, insight and communication skills from a true master of his arts

(Canapés and registration 7-15 onwards. Lecture begins at 8-0 followed by buffet meal)

4th October: Tuesday Lunchtime

"When you need another way: The Briffa Brainstorm"

Doctor John Briffa is a prolific writer, adviser, TV/Radio pundit, charismatic speaker and innovative G.P., in a successful private practice in London. His approach to treatment has its power-base in diet, lifestyle and dietary supplements, which gives him a wide and unusual therapeutic range and effectiveness. Today he will tackle a myriad of irritating complaints – to ourselves and our patients - such as dry eyes, restless legs, insomnia and unexplained fatigue – and show us new ways of achieving better health.


11th October: Tuesday Lunchtime

"The shifting sands of NSAIDs: Guiding Lights".

Just when we thought that we had safe NSAIDs at last in the form of COX2 selective drugs, the carpet was pulled rudely from under our feet with these 'wonder drugs' being given the thumbs down or even withdrawn…. What is the thinking G.P. to do now? Peter Haynes who has a hectic consultant rheumatology practice in Airedale, Yorks daily walks this tightrope between ineffective treatments and dangerous side-effects. However, in earlier careers he has been a soldier, a drug rep, a policeman, a nurse, a barman, a bouncer and a physical training instructor, so no one could possibly be more ‘street-smart’ in walking such tightropes! He comes today with the promise of being uncompromising in his directives on how best to square this especially difficult circle.


18th October: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Does Stress Kill? Must we fall victim?"

It is a great pleasure to welcome back Doctor Zoran Fulgosi, consultant psychiatrist and neuro-scientist from Toronto Canada. "Don" is a true boffin and a gifted lecturer who makes the most complex subjects readily understandable. Today he will demonstrate the importance of Stress and Mental Illness as risk factors for physical disease and show how stress clearly can kill. He will also show some simple techniques of reducing stress levels to the benefit of both ourselves and our patients!


October 25th and November 1st: Half Term

8th November: Tuesday Lunchtime

"On the Home Front"

This is a fast- moving brainstorm ( roughly 7 x 7 minute presentations) from local doctors, nurses and other experts who feel that we can use them more proficiently – with a little coaching! Each contributor has been asked to display their skills and services and bring a simple handout so that their appeals can be translated speedily into improved patient care.

15th November: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Prostate Cancer: Still a game of Roulette?"

Balancing the pain of interventions – incontinence, impotence, surgical mishap and fibrosis, against the possible saving of life years later, can be a very difficult decision. Many doctors, indeed, vote with their feet and refuse PSA testing on themselves at any price! Enter Joel Posner, whose star continues to rise in the U.S.A. with recent promotion from his prestigious position as Professor of Medicine at Drexel (Philadelphia) to Chairman of Medicine at Staten Island University Hospital, New York. Joel is not only a true academic who will review the world literature on the subject, but has been diagnosed with the disease himself. This talk should be the last word on how to advise our patients and will be delivered with Joel’s legendary wit and eloquence.

22nd November: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Chest Disease: Pausing for a Breather"

Doctor Kevin Jones, Consultant Chest Physician in Bolton, is a brilliant and much sought-after speaker on Respiratory Medicine. In spite of his many years’ experience he still finds interesting challenges and lessons to be learnt within his speciality and today reflects on some of the most poignant ones. He also happens to be a Northerner and the country’s best Stand-up Comedy Doctor – a devastating combination which gives his talks both clarity and humour making him one of our most popular ever speakers!

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