Autumn 2003

Lunchtime Meeting –Tuesday 14th October

"Victims of Violence: Don’t Join the Growing List!"

..personal safety skills for doctors and their staff.

Avoiding dangerous situations, recognising the early warning signs of attack, understanding the criminal mind and using breakaway techniques: these are just some of the vital skills you will learn at today’s acclaimed seminar in which Chris and Julie Miller draw on techniques used by the FBI, the Russian Army, Bouncers, Bodyguards and Martial Artists. Today will certainly alter the way you live your life and you will have safety messages to take home for the family (I certainly did!!!)

Lunchtime Meeting – Tuesday 21st October

"Leading Edge Psychiatry: Offcuts for the Harassed G.P."

It is real delight to welcome Jesse Wright to Stoke. Jesse is Professor of Psychiatry in Louisville, Kentucky with an outstanding pedigree as International Speaker, Researcher, Clinician and Educator. In spite of his awesome portfolio of achievements, he readily owns up to being "an aspirant G.P. who went astray". This lecture is a "must" for all G.P.s who want to do better for their patients with mental health issues!

Evening meeting at Thornbury Hall

Wednesday October 22nd :

Masterclass with Jesse Wright

Jesse is an expert on all areas of psychiatry as it impacts on General Practice, with particularly acclaimed teaching in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Psychopharmacology. Tonight Jesse will take us to those areas where we need most help and inspiration.

Tuesday 28th October –half term

Lunchtime Meeting –Tuesday November 4th

"The Many Faces of Alcohol Problems: Update on Booz from the King!"

Alcohol related problems continue to exact their grizzly toll of cost, injury, disease and death on society, and recent data shows that the situation is worsening. An update on the subject is long overdue and who better than today’s special guest to deliver it! Professor Stan Gitlow of New York has spent his lifetime treating Alcohol and Drug addictions, somehow managing to sustain his enthusiasm and sanity! His status as a true World Authority, and the Inspiration of his teaching remain unsurpassed and it is a delight to welcome him to our shores once again.

Evening Meeting at Thornbury Hall: November 5th

"Masterclass with Stan Gitlow"

Stan takes us through all the tricks of the trade in dealing with Drugs and Alcohol – related problems, his vast experience and know-how available to us all in this informal setting.




Lunchtime Meeting Tuesday November 11th

"A Word in your Ear Doctor"

Making the Most of our Hospital Services

Many Hospital Departments have asked to address us and update us on how best use their services. Today Mike Brown chairs important inputs from several departments, including Orthopaedics, Infectious Disease, Rehabilitation and Cancer Support; each lecturette will be accompanied by an information leaflet so that our patients can have maximal benefit.


Lunchtime Meeting – Tuesday November 18th

"What should Human Beings Really eat?"

…. the Facts, Fads and Fallacies of Nutrition.

Surely no area in the Medical Compendium is imbued with such controversy and conflicting opinion as the dietary arena! Today we have invited a true world authority to set the record straight. Doctor John Briffa is a prolific writer, adviser and TV/Radio expert whose charismatic lectures are renown and who is sure to entertain and educate us - and change some of our most cherished beliefs!

Lunchtime Meeting – Tuesday November 25th

"Medico-Legal Problems: What you can’t avoid, sit back and enjoy!"

It is a delight to welcome Doctor Manoj Prasad, an expert on Medico-legal matters. Although a practising Medico-Legal adviser, he remains a full-time single-handed GP, which keeps him rooted to reality, and the combination of Brummy canniness and Indian work-ethic makes his presentations humorous, pragmatic

and extremely popular with working G.P.s.

Lunchtime Meeting – Tuesday December 2nd

"Patients in Pain; the King of the Quickfix returns"

Joe Talley, North Carolina GP and legendary speaker on the American circuit for many years, is acclaimed for aggressively treating patients in pain, and has enchanted us in the past with his management of Depression, Anxiety, Panics, Infections, Dypepsias and Pain itself. Today he revisits and updates his powerful "fix-em" philosophy; however, this is an update with a spectacular sting in its tail!!



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