Autumn 2001

9th October: Tuesday Lunchtime Britannia Stadium

Cancer Care: The Two Week Rule: Where itís working and where it isnít!

Our patients with cancer are now entitled to be seen by a specialist within 2 weeks and referral protocols should consistently deliver on this promise. Today we have "The Top People" from each department to tell us how they think they are doing and to hear from us GPs on how well they are doing in reality. Doctor Alwyn Ralphs has worked hard to liase between GPs and hospital departments and begs you to attend as he chairs this extremely important dialogue.

16th October: Tuesday Lunchtime at Britannia Stadium.

"Crumbling Bones: an Epidemic of Neglect!"

It is a delight to welcome back one of the most eloquent and witty sages of American Medical Education. Professor Joel Posner (the "Woody Allen of Medicine") will present new and exciting data on osteoporosis, but in a manner both enjoyable and entertaining ("Joel could make any subject riveting!")

17th October:

Wednesday Evening at Thornbury Hall: reception 7-15 pm onwards, lecture at 8-0 followed by dinner.


Professor Joel Posner discusses recent developments in prevention and treatment.

October 23rd: Half term

October 30th: Tuesday Lunchtime at Britannia Stadium

News from the Directorates

Each Directorate has been invited to bring us up to date on developments under their aegis: make sure you are getting the best for your patients!!

November 6th: Tuesday Lunchtime at the Medical Institute

"Osteoarthritis: So Much more we can doo!"

Peter Haynes is a man who has really lived life to the full! His previous careers include soldiering and drug-repping; he has also been a policeman, a nurse, a barman, a bouncer and a physical training instructor. As you may surmise, many life experiences have equipped him perfectly to being a consultant rheumatologist at Oldham Royal Infirmary! One of Medicineís great characters, he is a superb teacher and I know will entrance us all!

November 13th: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Communicating with the Psychiatric Patient"

It is a real delight to welcome Gordon Deckert, Professor of Psychiatry and behavioural Sciences in Oklahoma, to Stoke. His seminars with his wife, who is a professional patient simulator, have been legendary throughout the USA for many years and at last we have enveigled them to come to Stoke.

November 14th, evening at Thornbury Hall.

7-15 for 8-0 pm kickoff followed by Dinner.

An evening with the Deckerts.

Professor Gordon Deckert and his wife educate us in their unique style in the beautiful intimate atmosphere of Thornbury Hall.

Tuesday Lunchtime November 20th

"Personal Development Plans: Where are we now?"

Professor Tim van Zwanenberg is the country's leading pathfinder in this latest direction in post-graduate education. We are delighted that this very popular and charismatic speaker has agreed to make the trek from Newcastle-upon-Tyne to share his vision with us.

November 27th: Tuesday Lunchtime at Britannia

"Take the Hatchett to Incontinence!"

Doctor Lawrence Hatchett is consultant urologist and carries an awesome reputation as a lecturer and educator. Louis Kuritsky said: "I could listen to Lawrence speak all day!" His chosen topic is one which causes untold misery to our patients and is well deserving of our attention.

November 28th: Wednesday Evening at Thornbury Hall. 7-15 reception, 8-0 start followed by dinner.

"Erectile Dysfunction as an early sign of Heart disease"

An evening with Lawrence Hatchett who delivers this acclaimed and thought-provoking lecture.

December 4th: Tuesday Luchtime"

Kevin Jones

"The coughers, the wheezers and the seriously breathless" It is a great pleasure to welcome back Doctor Kevin Jones, the legendary chest physician from Bury, whose blend of humour and education has made him one of our most popular ever speakers and makes a fitting climax to a our Autumn Term.