Autumn 1999

28th September: Tuesday Lunchtime : "Taking out the Bugs!"

Many of us front-line G.P.s feel somewhat under siege about the useage of antibiotics; government would have us restrict their use on grounds of cost and the emergence of resistant strains, whereas the patient expects us to use them for virtually every infection. Enter Joe Talley, our favourite no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-really-is, North Carolina G.P. whose unique blend of humour and enlightenment has made him one of the most popular ever visitors to Stoke.

29th September: Wed Evening Thornbury Hall

(7-15 for 8-0 start followed by dinner)

"When patients are hurting.."

As well as being one of the wittiest G.P.s around, Joe is also one of the most compassionate and whether we are looking at the pains of depression, anxiety, panic attacks or the management of chronic pains, Joe puts relieving the hurt at the top of his agenda. This will be an enlightening update on the appropriate use of antidepressants, benzodiazepines and narcotics; heretics are invited to sit in the front row and challenge Joe if you dare!

5th October: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Bleedin' Rectums"

First, Mrs Christine Hall, our own Queen of Colorectal Surgery, takes her own uncompromising look at standards of care for the investigation and treatment of rectal bleeding.

Then it will be a great pleasure to introduce Mrs Lynn Faulds Wood who was a regular presenter on the "watchdog" TV series until she was found to have colorectal cancer. Her experiences of the disease transformed her life, and in founding the Crocus trust she has done an enormous amount of superb work in combating this dread disease.

12th October: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Menstrual Mayhem.... sorted!"

The investigation of menstrual iregularities can be a real pain for the busy G.P.; however, after today's lecture, focussing primarily on oligomenorrhea, our worries will be all but over! Doctor Diana Hamilton-Fairley of St. Thomas' Hospital has a beautifully structured approach, which tells us exactly how to proceed so that these complaints are no longer problematical. Please bring a blue, green and red pen so that you can fully capitalise on the handout which goes with her talk, which no busy G.P. can afford to miss!

October 19: Tuesday Lunchtime

"A New Look at Mental Health Issues".

It is a great pleasure to welcome back Doctor Zoran Fulgosi, consultant psychiatrist from Toronto Canada and Director of Psychiatry at Kings Health centre, Toronto. "Don" is a rapidly rising star on the North American lecture and TV circuit - and rightly so! Today he will demonstrate the importance of Stress and Mental Illness as risk factors for physical illness, their amenability to treatment and their horrendous costs to society when ignored! Whether your interest lies in health costings, relieving human misery or becoming mentally more healthy yourself, do not miss this dynamic and charismatic intellectual sage and superstar.

October 19th:Tuesday Evening at Thornbury Hall

(7-15 for 8-0 start followed by dinner)

"Psychopharmacology and/or Pychotherapy: what really works where."

Doctor Fulgosi pits his experience , researches and intellect at therapeutic efficacy in the field of Mental Health in this super seminar atmosphere, where we lead the experts to the areas of our needs.

October 26th: Half term

November 2nd: Tuesday Lunchtime

"The Doc's Swap shop"

What is it that you or your practice does better than anyone else? Today we invite any willing doctor, nurse or staff member to share a pearl from their practice - something they do that really works for them, their practice, or patients. There will be a cheque for 200 for the best tip, as voted by the audience on the day!, So don't be modest - just join in - the more the better!

November 9th: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Complaints, Claims and Rhinoceroses"

Doctor Paul Lambden, Medical Adviser to the St. Paul Insurance Company, is formidably experienced in both medical and administrative domains. His bizarre and turbulent career has helped to sculpt him into a most entertaining and gifted speaker - ideal qualifications to take us through complaints and claims against the medical brotherhood.

November 16th: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Health Care: the Atlantic Divide. Learning from or copying each others' mistakes?"

A recent citation to today's speaker began, "In your extraordinary career as an international leader in public health, you have always placed your pivotal focus on the betterment of the human condition.." Victor Sidel is Distinguished University Professor of Social Medicine at Montefiore and Einstein, working in the Bronx, New York. His extraordinary international achievements led to his receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985.. who better to advise us on what the future of Health Care might hold.

November 23rd: Tuesday Lunchtime

"The Woes of Being a Parent"

On his first memorable visit to Stoke, H. Otto Kaak, Professor of Child Psychiatry in Kentucky, made such an impact that we were forced to distribute over 100 audio copies of his lecture. Whether you are advising patients with their difficult children or just trying to survive parenthood yourself, Otto is a mine of inspiration and common sense.

November 24th: Wednesday Evening Thornbury Hall

(7-15 for 8-0 start followed by dinner)

Master Class: Child Psychiatry with H.Otto Kaak

November 30th: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Colorectal Cancer; early arrest for a mass killer"

Colorectal cancer claims 20,000 lives annually in the UK and survival figures have scarcely improved at all in the past 50yrs. Yet early diagnosis of cancerous lesions and pre-cancerous polyps could make great inroads into this dismal scenario.

Mr Roger Leicester OBE, Consultant Surgeon at St.George's is an internationally acclaimed expert and a superb speaker who will galvanise us into action against one of the captains of the men of death.

December 7th: Tuesday Lunchtime

"The Kuritzky Cornucopiea"

Louis Kurtizky is Professor of General Practice in Florida and perhaps the most prolific lecturer from General Practice on either side of the Atlantic. His teaching has such a delightful blend of humour, intellect and clarity that we had to invite him back. Today he will bring the 4 most popular lectures, from his 'current' list of 46 and a straw poll will dictate which one he delivers.

December 8th: Wedneseday Evening at Thornbury hall Kuritzky

(7-15 for 8-0 start followed by dinner)

Master Class with Louis Kuritzky. This superb tutorial setting with America's top Academic G.P.


Please note that all lunchtime meetings will be held at Britannia Stadium. Buffet Lunch from noon. Lecture 1-0 until 2-0

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