Summer 2010



11th May

The A-Z of Pain control

Innovations, advances and choices for relieving pain have continued apace; yet so often this presents a confusion of abundance, leaving the G.P. juggling between efficacy, side-effects and fears of addiction. Perhaps, not surprisingly, statistics show that far too many people (even in Stoke!), are suffering needlessly. What a pleasure then to introduce, Tim Hunt, Professor of palliative care at Cambridge who will take us through the full spectrum of pain recognition, assessment and management and give us clear directives on how to deal with these daily problems.

Meeting sponsored solely by Napp


18th May: Tuesday Lunchtime

Lipids: Local Issues, Local Guru!

Treating Lipids and lowering coronary risk takes up much of our time in General Practice. However, many may not be aware that we now have a true international expert to guide us with our more difficult clinical decisions. Gordon Ferns, the author of over 300 articles, has recently been appointed Professor of Metabolic Medicine at Keele and with massive expertise in lipids, atheroma, antioxidants and the Metabolic Syndrome is a huge local asset; make sure you come today to meet him and learn how to use this formidable new “resource”!



25th May: Tuesday Lunchtime

“Diabetes: Complicated Solutions to Prevent Complications”

We have never been so well equipped to prevent the complications of diabetes, and maybe even to forestall its onset. However, using these advances can be extremely tricky. Thank heavens that our very own Nancy Bohannon, Professor of Diabetes in San Francisco is still willing to visit with us and with her verve and clarity simplify this most complex of Medical subjects!


Half Term: 1st June


8th June: Tuesday Lunchtime

“Quality of Life, Quality of Sleep”

Anyone who has suffered from poor sleep and the ensuing low grade exhaustion which ensues will know the miserable impact it can have on our lives. Today is your chance to get bang up to date on sleep mechanisms and how to help our patients achieve that restful night’s sleep that renews us for the day ahead. Dr Neil Stanley has been in sleep research for 27 years and has much helpful advice for the millions of Britons who suffer from poor sleep; make sure your patients can benefit from Scientific and practical update.

Meeting Sponsored Solely by Pfizer


15Th June: Tuesday Lunchtime

“Don’t worry Doctor, You don’t have Alzheimer’s, its only WIGA (‘Worried I’ve got Alzheimer’s’)”

There is so much to remember as a harassed G.P. that we often feel that our memories are failing. Today’s special guest, David Thomas, will demonstrate how to improve your memory to a startling new level and put your worries to rest. A true Grandmaster of Memory feats (one of only 15 on the planet), David was able to recite Pi (3.14159…) to 22,500 digits from memory without error. (just think about that for a minute!) He is also a best – selling author, a captivating and authentic speaker and an International Media Personality.



22nd June: Tuesday Lunchtime

Exciting Surgical Advances and Options

Today we have invited experts from Orthopaedic Surgery, General Surgery and Gynecology to bring us up to date on the technical advances in their respective fields. They will also show us how to expedite referrals so that our patients can benefit from these advances, both NHS and private. Mr Wade, Mrs Hall and Mr Menon will show us the latest techniques and advances in bariatric and laparoscopic surgery, arthroscopic innovations and much more.


Meeting sponsored solely by the Nuffield Hospital Trust.



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