Summer Program 2009


30th April: Thursday Evening at the Ramada

Lipid Masterclass Part 1: Statins for Everyone?

In this first Lipid Masterclass, we are honoured to welcome back Dr Kausik Ray who is Honorary Consultant Cardiologist and Senior Clinical Research Associate based at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge. His academic and research pedigrees are truly awesome and today these will be applied to the optimum usage of statins in the light of the most recent data; he will also flag up the surprising hidden benefits from statin use. If you are involved in prescribing statins don’t miss this coruscating update!

(Canapés and registration 7-15 onwards.

 Lecture begins at 8-0 followed by buffet meal)

Meeting Sponsored solely by Pfizer


12th May: Tuesday Lunchtime

 “Lipid Masterclass Part 2: When statins aren’t enough”

In the second part of this Lipid Masterclass series, is a great pleasure to introduce Dr Allan Gaw, MD, PhD, FRCPath, FFPM who is current Director of the Glasgow Clinical Research Facility. He is the author of over 145 original papers, reviews and book chapters on cholesterol and coronary heart disease and clinical trials, and has authored or edited 14 textbooks. Today’s lecture will show us clearly what to do in all matters relating to lipid-lowering agents, exploring especially statin alternatives and augmentations and, again, should not be missed by anyone involved in coronary the prevention of Cardiovascular disease.

Sponsored solely by Schering-Plough


19th May: Tuesday Lunchtime

 “Diabetes Update Part 1: A new look at yesterday’s dogmas.”

It is always a joy to welcome back the Doyenne of Diabetes herself, Professor Nancy Bohannon of San Francisco. In this first part of her update, Nancy will review the latest research and clinical trials; which of our principles are supported and which need to be rejected or revised?


21st May: Thursday Evening at Thornbury Hall

“Diabetes Update Part 2: The Ways Forward”

Tonight Nancy will update us on the newer approaches and treatments to diabetes, especially the whole area of the incretins, to bring us bang up to date on state-of-the art management of diabetes.

(Canapés and registration 7-15 onwards.

 Lecture begins at 8-0 followed by buffet meal)

Meeting sponsored solely by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd


26th May: Half Term


2nd June:  Tuesday Lunchtime.

"COPD update: we can all do much better!”

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) remains a major health issue, killing 25 – 30,000 people p.a. in England and Wales and affecting almost 4 million according to some estimates!  Yet, even in Stoke, we G.P.s often do pretty poorly, frequently missing the diagnosis and often disregarding the industrial origins  of the disease (which accounts an estimated 15% of cases!); even when we do get the diagnosis right, we are likely to under-treat it! A worthy subject then for a timely update!  Today  Alyn H Morice, Professor of Respiratory Medicine and Head of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Studies at Hull York Medical School, will share his passion for this very important disease and ensure that we are all bang up to date on how to deal with this enigmatic destroyer.

Meeting sponsored solely by Boehringer Ingelheim


9th June: Tuesday Lunchtime

“Meet the Dermatologists”
Our “Meet the Experts” series has been one of the most popular features we have ever run, allowing us to interact with local consultants who not only update us in general about their subject but also about changes within their directorate; they also respond to difficulties encountered by us in accessing their expertise. Today we have three local skin experts – Andrew Smith, Boon Tan and Denise Harrison who will each give a presentation, loaded with tips and pearls and who will show us how best to utilize their department and its skills and services.


16th June: Tuesday Lunchtime

“Meet the Rheumatologists”

Several of our local consultants convene to give us a whirlwind update on rheumatology including: when and how to get an urgent consultation, GP initiation of DMARDs, pitfalls in rheumatology, topical and intra-articular treatments, “extra” services from the rheumatology department and many more. This should be a true fix-fest for all of us who look after patients in the front lines of general practice.


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