Summer 2007


15th May: Tuesday Lunchtime

“Diabetes in Primary Care: Gold Standards, big differences!”

No-one dealing with diabetic patients dare miss this inspirational update from Professor Nancy Bohannon who is renowned for enthusing us with her practical injunctions. Today she will not only bring us up to date on the exciting new advances in diabetic care, but will also show us clearly those interventions which truly make a difference to our patients’ health and to their lives.


22nd May: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Infertility: The full Monty!”

Dr Gillian Lockwood, medical director of Midland Fertility Services charmed us last term with her 7 minute presentation on the infertile couple – so much so that we have invited her back! Today she will show us what steps we can take in primary care to help these often desperate couples and how to ensure that they access the best modern help. There will be a simple handout and flow-chart available at the end of the talk to ensure that these clear directives are remembered and put into practice!



Half Term: 29th May



5th June: Tuesday Lunchtime

“Acuity in Sight! Ophthalmology Update with Tim Gillow”

As busy G.P.s, it is vital that we are acutely aware of the early symptoms and signs of eye disease and that we know precisely how to expedite early and appropriate referral to save patients’ sight. Mr Tim Gillow, consultant ophthalmologist at UHNS, will today ensure that we have the vital information at our fingertips and that we know about changes in the system to facilitate optimal referral pathways.


12Th June: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Blood, Spit and Tears: Update on Pulmonary Medicine”

Updating ourselves on advances and guidelines in COPD, Asthma and Chronic Lungers is a very demanding task; what a pleasure, then, to introduce the legendary Vinty McGovern who flies in today from Belfast to educate us. As well as being a practicing G.P. Vinty holds hospital posts in paediatric asthma, and in adult respiratory medicine and has been actively involved with the last round of Respiratory Guidelines and so is bang up to speed in all matters Pulmonary. Anyone caring for COPD, asthmatics or chronic lungers will benefit massively from this high octane update.




19th June: Tuesday Lunchtime

“At your service: Who I am and how I can help”

There are so many skilled experts who can help our patients that it is impossible to keep track of the changing names, roles and range of their expertise. Today we present quick-fire presentations from 7 such people you really should know about! Each will give you a handout so you know who they are and how to access their services. If you know such people who deserve wider recognition, do let me know; even if we run out of ‘lecture slots’ at the meeting, there will be a stand so that they can disseminate their skills and contacts arrangements.



26th June: Tuesday Lunchtime

“Dermatology Update: Trade Secrets from the Skin King Himself”

Professor John R.T. Reeves is revered both sides of the Atlantic for his ability to make dermatological expertise accessible to the non-specialist. Today he will show us some priceless ‘tricks of the trade’ including tips on spotting the quick-fixes, avoiding Dermatology’s Deadly Sins,  and where to start when you haven’t got a clue! (We’ve all been there!)


27th June: Wednesday Evening: Thornbury Hall

“Cocktail Party Dermatology”

As G.P.s, nothing exposes our feet of clay so much as our inability to put a name to common skin lesions – both in the surgery and in social settings! How much more pressure, then, is on our Dermatology Specialist colleagues to have all answers at their finger-tips! Tonight Professor John R.T. Reeves takes us through all those spots and rashes which have blighted his social outings over the years, telling us their names and how to deal with them! As always with John, however, there will be the sumptuous leavening of tips and pearls for us!


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