Summer 2005

10th May: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Diabetes: Expanding Disease, Expanding Horizons"

It is always a joy to welcome Professor Nancy Bohannon back to Stoke. She is one of our most popular-ever speakers with a depth of knowledge matched only by the passion that she brings to her subject. Every visit extends her circle of admirers and for those of us who already know her, you can be sure of the usual bagful of surprises!

17th May: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Weeding out a King-Size Problem"

It is appropriate that the leading Guru in the crusade against tobacco addiction, Dr. Chris Steele is a real, practising G.P..Miraculously we have dragged him away from his busy General Practice and Media Commitments as top T.V. doctor to show us how best convert our endangered patients from their perilous habits!

24th May: Tuesday Lunchtime

"On the Home Front"

The services and personnel at our hospitals are ever changing and today we highlight some particularly useful areas for the busy G.P. Topics today will include: Updates from the Biochemistry and ENT departments, echocardiography access and some new services on genetic screening for common cancers. The speakers have been instructed to give us simple messages and handouts so that our patients will reap the benefit.


Half Term: 31st May

7th June: Tuesday Lunchtime

"The Obesity Iceberg; a Titanic Problem!"

Tony Barnett, Professor of Medicine at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, is a prolific writer with over 300 research papers to his name and actively edits several journals, including ‘Obesity in Practice’ There can be no-one better qualified to unravel the perils of portliness and how best help our patients to tackle it!

14Th June: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Dealing with the Bad Bugs!"

It is a great pleasure to introduce Professor Paul D. Holtom, MD Univ. of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine, who has an outstanding reputation as a speaker and authority on infectious disease. Today he will deal with those hot-spots in his speciality which are of most concern to us right now and others which will certainly be on our agendas in the very near future!






15th June: Wednesday Evening at Thornbury Hall

"Infectious Disease: towards better patient care":

An evening with Professor Paul Holtom

We have invited Paul Holtom to put himself in the place of the Family doctor and reflect on how he would tackle some of our clinical challenges in infectious diseases – especially the misinformation to which our patients are prone! As usual in this informal setting, your questions and problems will be mightily welcomed!

(Canapés and registration 7-15 onwards. Lecture begins at 8-0 followed by buffet meal)


21st June: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Don’t whistle at elephants or pee in shark-infested waters"

A timely update on Travel Medicine by Dr Adrian McCracken, a full-time G.P. in Malvern, Worcestershire whose enthusiasm never wavers and whose in-depth knowledge of his subject inspires us all.

28th June: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Neurology: What they didn't teach you at Medical School!"

It is a delight to welcome Doctor Victor Patterson, consultant neurologist

in Belfast, who is recently returned from a Sabbatical in Australia doing Intercontinental Teleneurology and editing the world's first Teleneurology Textbook! He is not only a highly respected speaker, but a great pragmatist - a quality enhanced by his full-time clinic commitments and by

having a practising G.P. for a wife!

5th July Tuesday lunchtime

"The War on Cardio-Vascular Disease: What news from the front?"

Peter Sever is Professor of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics at Imperial College, London, and is one of the world’s leading gurus in cardiovascular medicine. In spite of massive research commitments, he is still involved with clinical medicine and, legendary educator that he is, will tease out those vital practical pearls which make a difference in the real world of patient care.

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