Spring Programme 2003


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28th January

Tuesday Lunchtime

"The New Contract: Resign, Retire or Rejoice?"

Doctor Paul Golik,

Our man with his finger on the pulse, brings us up to date on the latest political shenanigans and governmental delays... what really is the state of play?

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4th Feb

Tuesday Lunchtime

"How to Knock Spots off Acne"

Doctor Bill Cunliffe,

Arguably the country's most famous dermatologist and world's leading expert on Acne, makes his long awaited visitation to update us on his life's passion.

11th Feb

Tuesday Lunchtime

"The continuing story of

Wonky Willies"

Doctor Christine Evans

One of the true experts and enthusiasts in treating erectile dysfunction; she is also one of the truly great characters in medicine who captivated the British public in her recent TV profile. Fun education at its best, though Mary Whitehouse would advised to give this one a miss!

February 18th and 25th : Half term

(NB: two weeks for half term this time)

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March 4th Tuesday Lunchtime


"Coughs, Spots and Fevers"

Thomas Irons

Professor of Paediatrics in North Carolina, and an outstanding speaker on the American Lecture Circuit gives us a timely reminder of infections in childhood and an update on their management.

March 5th

Wednesday Evening

Thornbury Hall

"Making a Difference"

Professor Thomas Irons

Prof Irons choses some hotspots from his years of experience as a Paediatrician, where the Family Doctor really can make a difference.

March 11th Tuesday Lunchtime

"HRT – fishing for pearls through Muddy Waters!"

Mr "Farook" Al Azzawi

Consultant Gynecologist from Leicester Royal Infirmary

(special request of Dr Raj Yadava)

Are you confused about the latest studies on HRT? Are you confused about how to advise patients? Today will un-muddy the waters and give us clear advice and directives; Farook has a superb reputation on the lecture circuit for clarity and direction, and we certainly need it in this area!

18th March

Tuesday Lunchtime

"Perils of the Deep Sleep"

Doctor Martin Allen

Whether we look at their impaired quality of life, their increased health risk, or even the increased danger to themselves and others (in RTAs), our patients with sleep apnea are in great need of our vigilance and help. Today our very own pilots us through these hazardous waters.

19th March Wednesday Evening Britannia Stadium

"Lipid Lowering: Who, How and by How much?"

Bill Castelli "Godfather" of the Framingham Heart Study,

Bill’s research and knowledge make him an aggressive and enthusiastic proponent of lipid lowering. All Family Doctors who would spare their patients' arteries must surely attend this talk as must those who defend the drug budget that jeopardise our patients' arteries and lives.

25th March Tuesday Lunchtime



"Communication: from Chest Clinic to Working Men's Clubs!"

Doctor Kevin Jones, Consultant Chest Physician in Bury

A hot favourite with our Stoke audience, largely because of his humorous and perceptive approach to patient understanding. Today we gain some insight into the skills of this superb communicator that have made him an outstanding clinician, lecturer and stand up comedian!


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