Spring Program 2009



3rd February: Tuesday Lunchtime

 “Pearls and Pitfalls in Clinical Neurology”

Drop anything else you might have had planned for today so you don’t miss an opportunity to learn from one of the foremost clinicians of our era. Martin A. Samuels is Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School and winner of the institution’s first Faculty Prize for Excellence in Teaching. As Neurologist-in-Chief in Boston, he is an internationally renowned teacher-clinician, a premier diagnostician, and a leading authority on the interface between neurology and general medicine. He has edited several seminal neurology textbooks, developed a definitive instructional video on clinical neurology for practicing physicians, and authored numerous articles and book chapters. Even all this does not do justice to the sheer inspirational brilliance of his teaching and it is a mixture of luck, serendipity and his affection for the doctors of Stoke which makes this return visit possible!


3rd February: Tuesday Evening (at Thornbury Hall)
Real People: Baffling Cases for the Sherlock Holmes of Neurology.

On his last visit to Stoke, Martin Samuels, Professor of Neurology at Harvard, demonstrated clinical skills on real patients brought by local G.P.s His ability to translate the mysteries of neurology into brilliant denouements was so profoundly enlightening, that we have decided to repeat it. Please get in touch with me about any neurologically mysterious patient who would be willing to have an opinion from the best neurological mind on the planet!

 (Tel me on 01538 722678 or bernardshevlin@fenetre.co.uk)

(Canapés and registration 7-15 onwards. Lecture begins at 8-0 followed by buffet meal)



10th Feb: Tuesday Lunchtime

 “The Liver: the Full Monty!”
Doctor Alan Bohan, consultant gastro-enterologist and our very own UHNS black belt hepatologist, has been invited back to update his acclaimed expose of this most vexing organ; today he will show us how to tease out an accurate diagnosis through the minefield of confusing tests, histories and clinical findings! The last time he spoke for us, he “wowed” us with his humour and clarity and this welcome return is long overdue. There will be a handout available after the lecture, summarizing a logical and safe approach to the patient with a liver problem.


17th Feb: Half Term


24th Feb: Tuesday Lunchtime.

“New Therapies for Type II Diabetes: Challenges and Opportunities.”

Tony Barnett, Professor of Medicine at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, is a prolific writer with over 450 research papers to his name who actively edits several journals, and runs one of the busiest diabetic units in the country. His last visit was a superlative and a much lauded expose of the Perils of Portliness which gave us a fascinating insight into the “diabesity” epidemic.  This is a very welcome return and a timely update on the shifting sands of treatments for diabetes.


NB: This meeting funded solely by Novartis




3rd March Tuesday Lunchtime

“Little Wheezers: Big Improvements!”

It is a delight to welcome our very own Professor Warren Lenney of UHNS. Warren lectures widely on paediatric respiratory issues and has an awesome pedigree in clinical and research work with appointments as Chair of the British Paediatric Respiratory Society’s Research Committee, Associate Medical Director for Research and Development for North Staffordshire and also Director of the West Midlands Local Research Network for Medicines for Children (MfC). Today he brings to us practical pearls a-plenty from his travails and a timely update on childhood asthma.

NB: This meeting funded solely by GSK



10th March: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Get me out of here! How to get help for your psychiatry patients!”


Do you ever get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when confronted with certain psychiatric patients? Do you ever become mildly (and sometimes extremely) irritated when you hear government pundits boasting about the excellence of our mental health services, wondering why they never seem to be there when you need them most? Today’s meeting should provide all the answers with lecturettes and handouts from seven (7!) local mental health experts who really can deliver; each speaker, in addition, will leave you with an appropriate simple handout, outlining how and when to access their services. So, all our psychiatry problems should be done and dusted today – don’t dare miss it!


All Lunchtime Meetings at the Ramada, Newcastle-under-Lyme

(01782 613093) Lunch starts shortly after noon, lectures run from 1-0 until 2-0


Evening Meeting at Thornbury Hall (near Cheadle) 01538 750831

All Meetings Free of Charge

All doctors and practice nurses Welcome

All meetings PGE recommended.


01538 722678 (home and fax)