Spring Program 2008



29th January: Tuesday Lunchtime

 “Neurology: Ten Top Tips from Tennessee!”

What a delight to welcome back the ever popular Karl Misulis, Professor of Neurology in Tennessee. Karl is the author of scores of scientific papers and books, and, as a full-time clinician and teacher, his ‘hands-on’ credentials are of the highest order. If that were not enough, he is also a notable standup comedian and for this special occasion of “edutainment”, excessive use of humour has been approved!


30th January: Wednesday Evening Meeting at Thornbury Hall
"Neurological Brainstorm: What’s New in Neurology?”

Professor Karl Misulis brings us bang up to date on all the recent advances in Neurology; from CJD to MND, Tremors to Tryptans, Dementia to Demyelination. There will also be plenty of time for questions and interactions with Karl so that you leave with all neurological problems solved!

(Canapés and registration 7-15 onwards. Lecture begins at 8-0 followed by buffet meal)


PS: Let me know if you wish to bring a particular case or topic for discussion in this ‘Masterclass’ setting: Phone 01538 722678 or e-mail.


5th Feb: Tuesday Lunchtime

 “Contraception Update: Making a difference.”
Professor John Guillebaude, the World no. 1 expert on matters contraceptive, makes a welcome return to update us on this vital subject. As always, he will highlight those areas where our knowledge really does make a difference for our patients, including emergency contraception, compliance problems, LARCs and patient choice.



12th Feb: Half Term


19th Feb: Tuesday Lunchtime.
"Menstrual Mayhem: A Periodic Update!"
What a pleasure to welcome back Doctor Diana Hamilton-Fairley of St. Thomas' Hospital. A gifted communicator, Diana makes the most complex problems easy to understand and fix. Today she will focus on those common and not-so-common gynaecological problems where a few of her educational pearls can help us to be much more effective!


26th February: Tuesday Lunchtime
 “Those far away places...getting ever closer!"

Dr Adrian McCracken is a full-time NHS G.P., with a passion for infectious diseases; indeed he has recently diagnosed Dengue Fever, Chikungunya and Hantavirus infections from his own practice in Malvern, Worcestershire! Although this will be a superb, whirlwind update on the zoonoses in particular, you can be sure that his enthusiasm for his subject will be likewise infectious!





4th March Tuesday Lunchtime

“Cardiology Masterclass”

Three of our top local experts, will each give a 10 minute talk with 5 minutes for questions. We end with all three in a panel setting, fielding any cardiac questions from the audience.

1.  “Gold Standards in Cardiac Failure: Making it happen!”

Dr Grant Heatlie outlines the investigations needed, how to get them done and how to ensure that our patients end up on the (often elusive) gold standard triple therapy!

2.  “Coronary Artery Lesions: which intervention (if any!)”

Dr Mark Gunning shows how CAD is evaluated and how to choose between the various options.

3.  “Other Cardiac Interventions: treatable Arrhythmias”

Dr Adrian Morley-Davies summarises those arrhythmias which can be helped by his expertise and as a bonus how HCM can be best treated.


11th March Tuesday Lunchtime
“The Science of Persuasion: Power at your fingertips!”
Steve Martin (of www.influenceatwork.co.uk) is an astonishing speaker who translates psychological research into a set of simple rules which will empower you, both as a person and as a doctor. Since he last spoke to us, his star and his Science have continued to rise in importance and attract the attention of the media and the power-brokers in our society. Whether you just want to help your patients comply better, protect yourself from “Big Brother” or just connive to get what you want in life, don’t dare miss this fearsome update on a booming science!


18th March: Tuesday Lunchtime

Tuesday Lunchtime March18th:

"Beating Bowel Cancer and Sustainable Breathing for asthmatics!"

(a double whammy!)

1. At last we have a colorectal screening program which will be unveiled and clarified today by our own Dr Jonathan Green and by Dr Andy Veitch who is running the program. As it will operate outwith of General Practice, it is important that we know what is happening with our patients and how to answer their questions.

2. “Sustainable Breathing for Asthmatics” Today Dr  Khoo, consultant chest physician at NSRI, presents a whirlwind update on asthma management including developments in devices which will not damage our precious ozone layer!

NB: This meeting (a dual presentation) is sponsored solely by Teva UK Ltd.


All Lunchtime Meetings at the Ramada, Newcastle-under-Lyme

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Evening Meeting at Thornbury Hall (near Cheadle) 01538 750831

All Meetings Free of Charge

All doctors and practice nurses Welcome

All meetings PGE recommended.


01538 722678 (home and fax)