Spring 2005

1st February: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Blood Thinning in Cardiovascular Disease; the Whys, the Whens and the Hows"

The deaths and disabilities prevented by the judicious use of warfarin and aspirin in Cardiovascular Disease are both substantial and strikingly cost-effective and no one could be better placed to give us a timely update on the subject than David Fitzmaurice, Professor of Primary Care in Birmingham. David has published extensively on cardiovascular disease in General Practice and his many prestigious advisory roles puts him at the very cutting edge of this vital area. Born a Mancunian, he remains a practising G.P., both of which give his talks a pragmatism and directness and make him extremely popular on the circuit.

8th Feb: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Helping Fertility Failures to bear Fruit"

There have been significant advances in the diagnosis and management of sub-fertility and who better than Diana Hamilton-Fairley, consultant in Obs and Gyne at Guys and St Thomas’, to ensure that we are all up to speed in this extremely important area. Her recent BMJ review of the subject attracted much acclaim, but it is Diana the committed educator and inspirational teacher who receives our special red carpet welcome today.

15th February: Half Term.

22nd February: Tuesday Lunchtime

"The Ultimate Aims of Medicine and the future of Old Age"

What future awaits us and our patients as the pensioner increasingly predominates in our society? Ray Tallis has contributed over 150 publications (including two major textbooks) to the Medical Literature and is much sought after by the media for his wisdom and clarity of thought; his recent work with both Radio 4 and the Times Literary Supplement attracted especial commendations. Moreover, his experience as Professor of Geriatric Medicine in Manchester ensures that there will be practical messages for us as practising clinicians.

1st March: Tuesday Lunchtime

"The Prostate from A to Z" (but especially the "P")

Lawrence Hatchett consultant Urologist in Atlanta, Georgia, could easily have made it as a male model or a professional basketball player; the fact that he chose Urology is their loss and our gain! Today this charismatic orator takes us from the physiology to the various afflictions of this sad organ, with updates on incontinence, prostate cancer and impotence; if anyone can make the prostate really gush it is Lawrence!

8th March: Tuesday Lunchtime

"Pot Pourri of Paediatric Problems"

Tom Irons is Professor of Paediatrics in North Carolina and an outstanding and much sought-after speaker on all aspects of his speciality. Today he has been challenged to target those areas where we can most improve the care of children in our practices; this should be easy for Tom who is a legend on the American lecture circuit and who is close to the working needs of his G.P. audiences.

8th March Tuesday Evening at Thornbury Hall

An Evening with Professor Tom Irons

Tom develops some of the themes of the lunchtime lecture and responds to paediatric topics of your choosing.

(Canapés and registration 7-15 onwards. Lecture begins at 8-0 followed by buffet meal)

15th March: Tuesday Lunchtime

"The Mind: Matters that really do matter"

Doctor Zoran Fulgosi, consulting Psychiatrist and Neuroscientist from Toronto, Canada, is at the very cutting edge of his field – especially in areas of rehabilitation and human potential. Today he outlines those exciting advances, which will be important and useful to practising physicians. The neurochemistry of depression, protection against neuro-degenerative disorders and brain mechanisms in the prevention and attenuation of somatic illness will all be covered in this whirlwind review; if you own a brain yourself or even know someone who has one, this lecture is a must!

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