Dr Bernard A. Shevlin

(b.shevlin02@gmail.com. 01538 722686)


He has been a full time NHS GP for 35 years (since 1972) with no time off for bad behaviour. He has been heavily involved in post-graduate education, helping "train" qualified doctors for the rigors of General Practice, personally supervising the training of 38 such doctors.

He was post-graduate tutor, responsible for organising the post-graduate education of practising doctors in the Stoke-on-trent area for 16 years and producing the most inspirational programs in the English-speaking world (his own view!). Having inveigled top speakers from all over the world, he has had chance to study their wisdom and presentation skills at close quarters and often befriend them; as he often acknowledges: "Most of the top Medical experts in the world have stayed at my house!"

He has had a very active freelance lecturing career over the past 30 years, mainly speaking to Medical audiences, with recent (within last 5 years) speaking engagements in Kenya, Florence, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Viet Nam, Cuba, Israel, Sorrento, Switzerland, Berlin, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Cyprus and throughout the UK.

Also 2 lecture tours of the USA in 2001 and 2002 which included presentations at the AAFP (American Academy of Family Practice) and the American-Mexican Medical Society.

Titles of Recent Lectures

"You’re only as Old as Your Arteries"

"A Blue Peter Guide to the Human Brain"

"The Politics of Prescribing"

"The Guts and Gripes of Gastro-Enterology"

"How to Enjoy General Practice"

"Medical Hypnosis"

"Everything you need to know about Pain"


"Abdominal Pain in childhood"

Exercise-Induced Asthma"

Chronic Lung disease

Comments: "Inspirational"

"Great clarity of thought"

comments after lectures given in the UK:

(all documented):

"I’ve never heard doctors laugh so much – on a Sunday morning too!!"

"Brilliant… I’ve never laughed so much … presentation and content absolutely staggering"

"..most enjoyable speaker I have ever seen"

"One of the best 3 hours I have ever had, both learning and entertaining"

"Probably the best lecture I have ever been to"



"inspirational, amusing and absolutely right"

"Once in a lifetime treat"

Comments from American Lecture Tours:

"..compassionate, articulate and compelling.."

".. humour was outstanding"

"Entertaining and informative"


"Best lecture of the course"

"Funny. Incredible speaker. Really useful tips"

"Outstanding speaker.. best of the Conference"

He is happy to speak to Medical, Nursing and Teaching audiences and tries to translate his years of experience into today’s message: that both depression and happiness are infectious conditions and your first duty to your yourself, your fellow man, and the planet earth is to follow your own joy and happiness.