Bernard Shevlin

Lectures and handouts


A Blue Peter Guide to the Brain:

This talk begins with a review of the evolution of the brain and why our animal ancestry leaves us with a brain which is neither user or even planet friendly.

Next is disorders of movement - clinical aspects - with brief video demonstrations.

Next is the theory of the Right and Left Brain and how this applies to the use of suggestion in clinical practice.

Clinical Hypnosis, placebo effects and how to use them. Communicating with patients.

Psychosomatic Disorders: the keys of cheek and Lecron

Introduction to NLP

Note: some sections may be omitted if time does not allow

The Laser Lecture: Your Choice

About 40 topics are listed on two slides; the audience is issued with laser pointers and are invited to point to the topic of their choice. We then hyperlink into that topic and after discussion move on to the next one. We normally manage about 12 - 15 topics in an hour.

Topics include: Untwisting the torted testicle, Recurrent Abdominal Pains in Childhood, Shouldn't you be taking Metformin, doctor? "Sexercise"  "Fibre and Flatulence"  "How to do the Million Dollar Role"  Vitamin D,  Miracle Cough Cure etc

Presenting Complaints that Get Up Your Nose

Dizziness, TATT (Tired All The Time) and Headache are the most dreaded, heart-sink presenting complaints in General Practice. This lecture will show you how to enjoy these symptoms and deal with them in a new way, flagging up the usage of questionnaires, hand signals and patient handouts; it will also highlight those dangerous-to-miss diagnoses and gives some useful tips on patient management

Hypertension Sucks!

Simply informing a patient that they have the disease "Hypertension" has a negative impact on his life with increased absenteeism from work and a general poorer perception of her health. Here is a "disease" which causes no symptoms, but where treatments often do, so it is hardly surprising that patients have great difficulty sticking with treatment. However, it is important to remember that we are not simply treating a sphygmomanometer reading in this clinical scenario, but trying to prevent the disasters of heart attack, stroke and other vascular mishaps. This talk looks at the options available and the various tricks and strategies to serve the patient's long term health.


You're Only as Old as your Arteries

The processes which silt up our arteries are by and large those same processes which make us more vulnerable to cancer and to the various degenerative processes which we call 'Ageing'.

This lecture addresses those issues of lifestyle, diet, food supplements and prescription-only medications which could help us stay young.

The Guts & Gripes of Gastroenterology

This lecture is a view of a frontline GP of Gastro-intestinal and related areas, where mistakes and omissions can really hurt the patient. It highlights such diverse areas as recurring abdominal pain in children ("Tension Tummies"), the acute abdomen, recognising early cancer and untwisting torted testicles.



The Politics of Prescribing

This lecture began as a debate of the motion:
"This House believes that a better knowledge of Pharmacology by GPs will reduce the National Drug Budget"
The arguments take us inexorably to the conclusion that British GPs (criminally?) under-prescribe and uncovers the foibles of the Politicians which spawn this.